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Invent A Product

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Sample Descriptions of Contracts

Sample Student Contracts


Carefully read below

case problems  quizzes contracts  discussions
final contract project 





At least 7 Boilerplate provisions required in our contract 

Watch Prof J. Video on Final Contract Project


Rubric-Invent-a-Product (How your final contract is graded)

baseline (70% or C)

effective (80% or B)
exemplary (90% or A)

Final Contract Project


1. Invent a product. The product is one you will market for profit. Assume the product has been developed and created and is ready for distribution. Do not concern yourself whether the product can reasonably be realized. Read the rubric on how your final contract is graded.


2. Draft a contract for the sale of the product to a retail establishment. The retailer could be a department store, restaurant, hardware store, etc.


3. The contract should contain the necessary elements of a contract pursuant to the UCC. The Contract should satisfy the requirements of California Law. The contract should include specifics on terms such as description, price, quantity, shipping or delivery, payments, etc.  You may use other sources beyond your textbook. Do not use terms you do not understand. Do not just "copy and paste" a contract you find on the internet. Make this contract yours.


This Final Contract Project is worth 14% of your grade and should incorporate everything you learned about contracts in this class. Post your contract under your canvas course. 


4. Additional Information to consider in Drafting your Final Contract Project.


5. Also you are required to add at least seven (7) "boilerplate" contract provisions, along with an arbitration and attorneys fees clause. 


Good luck


Prof J.


Note: This assignment is adopted  from a Contracts Class in the Paralegal Program at San Jacinto College - North Campus (located 5 miles West of downtown Houston, Texas). Special Thanks to E.D. of  San Jacinto Paralegal Program for providing this assignment through the AAFPE Listserv)


Updated: 12/28/18



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