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Regulation of Manufacturing & Transporting of Goods - Article I case - early 19th century case 


1. an early 19th century case - under Article I


2. Facts of the case - The first case which regulates not only the buying and selling of goods but also the manufacturing and transporting of goods


3. Give the complete case citation - i.e. Name of parties, volume number, name of case reporter, page number (date case decided) - http://profj.us/citations


4. State the name of the party who won the case - i.e. the actual name - not "plaintiff"


5. Give the Court rule (in your own words) - use the "key legal words" used by the court in deciding the case - or the key "case precedent" - if it used an earlier case in deciding this case


6. Give the reasoning or rationale of the court used in resolving the case (in your own words)


now post your work



Good luck. Prof J.


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