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law19 0162 week5

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law19 0162


Week 5 - Due 7-26-08

  • Read Chapter on Checks and the Banking system
  • #16 Gifts - under "assignments"
  • #17 Deceptive Advertising
  • Test #G Checks, and the Banking system

  • Read Chapter on Labor and Employment Law
  • #18 Stale Checks
  • Test #H Labor and Employment Law Quiz

  • no chapter to read
  • #19 Worker Comp case law


Scores and Grades

Tests = 30% of your grade

Bankruptcy papers = 15% of your grade

Eviction papers = 10% of your grade

Forum Discussion = 10% of your grade

Assignments = 35% of your grade

************* total percent = 100 %


A =  90%

B =  80 - 89%

C = 70 - 79%

D = 69% or below


A grade of C or greater is required to pass the class


law19 0162



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