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1. Read the Eric Digest articles on "Reconciling Rights and Responsibilities of Colleges and Students: Offensive Speech, Assembly, Drug Testing and Safety" 

Also look at policy at http://introlaw.pbworks.com/w/page/20125062/public-policy


2.  Read the following hypothetical (fictional) set of facts to consider: 


Whose Dance Is It, Anyway?


Last year, black, Latino, and white students disagreed over the choice of music at the school dances at Rockford High. Whenever members of one group didn’t like the music, they would refuse to dance and make fun of the people dancing. The school administration has grown so concerned that it has threatened to cancel the dances if the conflicts continue. You are the attorney for the school board, and you are asked to propose a new school district legal policy or rule which resolves the above problem.


Remember you need to balance the interestes of the school district with the constitutional rights of the Rockford High school students.


3. Develop a rule of law or policy which you would propose that the school district pass to resolve the above problem.


4. Post your new School District Policy used to resolve the above problem, and then provide a legal rationale behind your new rule of law which resolves the above problem, and show how it balances both the constitutional and social interests of both the Rockford High School students and the School District.



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