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#12 Instructions on posting your summary


1. Read How to Write an A+ Research Paper - http://www.aresearchguide.com/1steps.html


2. Next select your topic you wish to write about. State the topic in very general terms, unless of course, you already have narrowed your topic to a more specific one.


3. Next post information you collect on this topic. You can do this simply by going to either google.com, or wikpedia, or about.com or other such search engine.


4. The Summary will then include:

a. your research topic

b. preliminary information on the topic


here is a sample:


Recently I saw in the newspaper Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton walking in the "Remember Selma March". This brought to mind the Civil Rights era in the "60's with Martin Luther King.


I then decided to pick - Important Civil Rights cases in the 1960's

(I may narrow that down to a smaller topic, and thesis) but for now I will just use "Civil Rights Cases" as my topic.


I then go to google and type in "Civil Rights Cases" in the 1960's. I found a good site on wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African-American_Civil_Rights_Movement_(1955-1968)#Footnotes

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