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Law 17 - Legal Writing


16 Weeks (2/10/20-  6/8/20)

Prof. David Jordan

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Instructor and Student Contact Expectations: This is an online course and all of our interactions will occur in Canvas. Please expect frequent communication and feedback from me via private message, announcements, assignment feedback, and discussion forums. I typically return grades within 7 days of assessment completion, in the form of qualitative and quantitative feedback. I usually reply to messages the same day they are received, but please give me up to 48 hours to respond. Ultimately, we will regularly and substantively interact with each other many times each week, throughout the term. Your role will be to check your grades, messages, announcements, and interact with me and your peers in the discussions.


LAW 017- Legal Writing (CSU) - 3 Units This course analyzes legal writing. Lectures and activities will examine preparing to write; sentences and paragraphs; legal correspondence; drafting contracts; legal citation; legal research memorandums; punctuation; word selection usage; and court briefs. Students will prepare legal correspondence, a contract, and a legal analysis memorandum


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