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Bruno case questions

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People v. Bruno Case Questions 


Review the facts of the People v. Bruno case - http://profj.us/25f/law10/brunofactsnew.htm


Listen to the screencast - http://vimeo.com/11111791


Then answer the following ten (10) questions on the facts of the case below:


(cite and apply the rules of law you have learned in the Katz, Chambers and Chimel cases which you have previously briefed)


1. Why do you think the police can or cannot use the bidirectional microphone to listen in on the conversation between Bruno and his girlfriend? do they have good grounds to listen in on the conversation, why or why not? - review the recorded statement - http://missionparalegal.com/brunostmt.htm


2. When Mary said " I told you it would never work out" was that an admission of her guilt in the allaged crime, if not, why not.


3. Does Bruno have any defenses for being arrested for having a controlled substance (chloroform), if so what are they?


4. Is there any relevance to Bruno being arrested previously for fraud charges?


5. Can Officers Alvarez and Thomas followed Bruno from the time he left his job at a drug store near where the Bostons lived, or does that violate any of Bruno's rights?


6. Did Tommy and Mary expose themselves in violation of the municipal ordinance on lewd conduct? why, or why not? Why might this ordinance not be consitutional?


7. Do the officers have the right to search for anything in the auto? Once they find the black zippered bag can they open it, why or why not?


8. Can the police open the truck of the auto and make a search of it at the police station? why or why not?


9. Can the police search Turner's room where she is a live-in babysitter, without her consent, or do they need a search warrant first, why or why not?


10. What of all of the pieces of evidence is the most damaging piece of evidence against Bruno, and his girlfriend, and why? - see list of items of evidence at http://profj.us/25sp/law10/brunoitems.htm


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