Affirmative Action

Test #F - Affirmative Action 


1. 2003 case - hint: 14th Amendment Equal Protection case - constitutional issues


2. Facts of the case - a white female argued that she was not admitted to graduate school because of her race - and that the university used race as a "predominant factor" and thus minorities has a greater chance at admission and that such treatment violated Equal Protection under the 14th amendment



3. Find the above case.


4. State the name of the party who won the case - not plaintiff, etc, but the actual name and give the complete case citation - i.e. Name of parties (date case decided) volume number, name of case reporter, page number - a complete case citation please. see


5. Give short description of the facts of the case (in your own words)


6. Give the Court rule (in your own words) - you can copy and paste some of the legal language of the case


7. Give the reasoning or rationale of the court used in resolving the case (in your own words)



Good luck. Profj. J.