Conducting a Simple Probate Court Proceeding

Step 1 Prepare the Petition for Probate
Step 2 Prepare the Certificate of Assignment
Step 3 Prepare the Notice of Petition to
Administer Estate
Step 4 File Your Petition for Probate
Step 5 Complete the Proof of Subscribing Witness Form
Step 6 Complete a Proof of Holographic Instrument
Step 7 Notify the Director of Health Services
Step 8 Prepare Your Order for Probate
Step 9: Study and Respond to the Calendar Notes
Step 10 Prepare the Letters
Step I I Prepare the Duties and liabilities of Personal
Reptesentalive Form
Step 12: Prepare the Application for Appointment of
Probate Referee
Step 13 Prepare Notice of Proposed Action,
Stop 14 Prepare the Inventory and Appraisement Form
Step 15 Notify Creditors and Deal with Creditor's Claims
and Other Debts
Step 16 Prepare the Petition for Final Dishriburon
Step 17 Prepare Notice of Hearing (Probate)
Step 18 Prepare Order of Final Distribution
Step 19 Transfer the Assets and Obtain Court Receipts
Step 20 Request Discharge from Your Duties